We established the independent art group 8lidí (8people) in 2017. We studied together at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU in Prague, where we formed a single year group, our subjects being directing, dramaturgy, and scenography, and later decided to continue working together. We are 8lidí, but really, there are ten of us.


Petr Erbes
Emilie Formanová
Nina Jacques
Boris Jedinák
Anna Klimešová
Alice Kofláková
Karolína Kotrbová
Zuzana Sceranková
Vendula Tomšů
Viktorie Vášová

In Short

We give 8x as much care.
We propose 8x as many solutions.
Everything takes us 8x as long.
We eat 8x as many bread rolls.
We like dancing.
We have 8x as many eyes.
There aren’t enough of us to make a football team.
We’re 8lidí and we’re actually ten people.