NESEHNUTÍ: Will We Boil in Tanks? On the Relationship Between Militarism and Climate Change


The greatest challenge that humanity currently faces is global climate change. The armies of the world, along with the military-industrial complex, have been facing this challenge too, but the solutions they propose consist either of building gradually taller barbed-wire walls at the borders, or greenwashing fantasies about carbon neutral tanks. Armies and the military industry, however, are among the most powerful agents responsible for climate change and will most probably resist the climate movement in its journey to climate justice and a fossil-free society. Peter Tkáč from the NESEHNUTÍ movement will explain why it is necessary to talk about the relationship between militarism and climate change, as well as discussing the challenges that militarism poses to the climate movement, and the Czech position in this complex issue.


8. 12. 2021, 19:00 // Galerie Display