Pavla Holcová: Our Guns – Czech Export to the Middle East


A lecture by journalist Pavla Holcová on the export of Czech weapons to the Middle East. Is the Czech Republic really a small, marginal player on the international military field, as we like to believe? Did you know that Czech ammunition is among the Top 5 favourites of the fighters of the so-called Islamic State? Pavla Holcová from introduces the results of the work she and her colleagues published in 2017, and also explain the background of information collection in an international team of journalists. How does work on such complex international affairs take place and how do we posit the knowledge acquired within individual national contexts? These questions will be at the heart of our meeting, but of course there will also be space for your questions. We look forward to meeting you.

You can learn more about the topic at the following links:
Further deliveries of Czech weapons to the Syrian war
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21. 11. 2021, 18:00 // Display Gallery