Death as the first and final act. Cleopatra died ten years before the Virgin Mary was born. What could have been different if Cleopatra hadn’t died? Would Christianity have become as popular if the cult of the goddess Isis hadn’t died with Cleopatra? Where do the roots of our civilisation lie? 

The 8lidí group, in collaboration with the actors of Na Zábradlí Theatre, prepared an audio walk which takes visitors out of the theatre and into the Egyptian underworld. Cleopatra is dying, the last in line of the Ptolemaic dynasty. Egyptian civilisation is slowly dying and no pharaoh will ever sit on the throne again. But this is not the end of Cleopatra’s personal journey, as in Egypt, even the afterlife can be rich.  

Both the queen and her audience must face a long journey through the underworld, during which both their heart and their actions will be weighed. The greatest danger on this last journey are not demons or lost souls but our own consciousness. What legacy is left behind by the ruler who had to sacrifice so much for her empire? What legacy will we leave behind?


Divadelní noviny
O divadle


Music: Matouš Hejl
Sound post-production and technical production: Jan Sedláček
Intern: Magdalena Malinová


Jakub Žáček – Octavianus, Usir
Anežka Kubátová – Cleopatra
Kateřina Císařová – soul in the underworld, priestess
Dita Kaplanová – soul in the underworld, priestess
Hanuš Kroupa (guest) – Ptolemy XIII
Vojtěch Vondráček – Caesar
Václav Vašák – Marcus Antonius

4 & 5 Jun 2021 // Na Zábradlí Theatre


90 min


Production created for Na Zábradlí Theatre
The performance is not suitable for individuals with limited movement.

We would like to thank

Jiří Janák, RNDr. Jiří Sádlo, all the creators of pictures and masks on the theme of Egyptian pharaohs, the Náprstek Museum, the Fotografic Gallery, Bubrle Musical Instruments, Café Kampus, The Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Barbora Líznerová, Domov mládeže in Husova Street, Abbé Filip Boháč OP and the parish of St. Giles, the National Library of the Czech Republic