La Moneda


In the 1970s, Miguel Littín, journalist and documentary film-maker, was forced to leave his home country, along with another five thousand Chileans. More than ten years later, he returns to Chile under a fake identity to capture the transformation of a society living under a totalitarian regime through the means of a documentary film. Littín’s dangerous mission involves entering the La Moneda palace, headquarters to the fascist general Pinochet, acquiring unique footage in one of the country’s most closely observed spaces; the symbol of the new regime.

“The most difficult thing, to be honest, was changing into someone else. Changing your identity is a daily struggle in which you often rebel against your own decision to change, wanting to remain yourself.

The biggest problem, then, wasn’t learning, as some could think, but my involuntary resistance to both physical changes and changes in behaviour. I had to come to terms with the fact that I would stop being who I always was, changing into someone completely different, someone not even the dictator’s police – which forced me to leave the country –could suspect, and whom not even my own friends would recognise.”

The Adventures of Miguel Littín in Chile, Gabriel García Márquez




Lights, sound: Václav Hruška
Music: Ian Mikyska

10 Oct 2020 // Alfred ve dvoře


70 min