Mischievous Bachelor

A staged dramaturgical introduction to the film Mischievous Bachelor.


This film, made by director Otakar Vávra shortly after the end of World War II, was almost lost in the cinematic archives. And yet, it also served as an impulse for the creation of the 8lidí group. From this film stretch threads that, over half a century later, wound themselves into the form of a new art collective. 

How can we influence our posthumous perception? And how do we arrive at the stories of our ancestors through the documents people leave behind?

“Fate shuffles the deck, we play.”
The last words of Arthur Schopenhauer, Frankfurt am Main, 21 September 1860.


Dramaturgical collaboration: Magda Jiřička-Stojowska

29 Jan 2017 // DAMU – Řetězová Literary Café


60 min + 90 min film