Markéta Kutilová: At war – from revolution to war of powers


We invite you to a lecture and subsequent discussion with reporter Markéta Kutilová starting at 7:30 p.m. in Vzlet.

A journalist’s view from the center of the action on the next phase of the war in Syria. Global players have intertwined interests here. Kurds, Turkey, USA, Russia, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Islamic State, humanitarian disaster, destroyed cities, fear. Will the Islamic State rise again? Who are IS foreign fighters and their wives? Where are they now and what will happen to them next? Battle with IS with your own eyes. The Turkish invasion of Sri Lanka with your own eyes. Stories of people from Syria.

The series of lectures is part of the process of creating the theater project Oh My Gun, which is a collaboration of the theater group 8lidí and the artist Jiří Žák. The project focuses on the past and present of the Czech arms industry. It traces the history of Czech weapons as a means of building diplomatic relations and their export to the Middle East region, especially Syria. Through the theatre’s performative possibilities, the creators of the theater will examine the influence of the Czech Republic, a small semi-peripheral state in the middle of Europe, on the war conflicts of today’s world. 


25. 4. 2022, 19:30

Markéta Kutilová

Markéta Kutilová started in 2012 as the editor of Lidové noviny. As a journalist, she worked in various African and Asian countries. She founded the mission of People in Need in DR Congo. She has been documenting the war with IS and the war in Syria for the past 8 years. Together with Lenka Klicperová, they made 13 trips to Syria and 5 to Iraq. They also documented the Turkish invasion of Syria in 2019. They reported on the war in Libya and directly reported on the war over Nagorno-Karabakh. In March, Markéta spent two weeks in Ukraine. She is the co-author of 6 books – “To the Islamic State at gunpoint I and II”, “At war and War is my destiny”, “With doctors on the front line” and “The last one will set the village on fire”. She publishes her reports mainly in the program Reportéři ČT. But she cooperates with many Czech and foreign media. Another of her topics is migration to Europe – she regularly follows the Balkan and Libyan migration routes. She is the co-author of several reports awarded with the Czech press photo award.