Ball Dancing Lessons


With their dance lessons, 8lidí continues in a form of event that exists on the borderline of theatre, happenings, and site-specific events. 

“Taneční” is based on the traditional formal ball dancing courses that thousands of young people attend every year in the Czech Republic. The courses offered by 8lidí, however, will be aimed at senior citizens. Over the course of three evening dance lessons and a final extended session (to which the dancers can invite their families), we plan to guide participants through the basics of formal dancing (waltz, polka, mazurka, jive, etc.) and, through the individual dances, to suddenly be plunged into selected moments of our collective or personal history.

The theatrical form breaks free of the temporal limits of a single evening performance. The spectators-dancers will meet repeatedly, with a view to performing a collaborative work in the form of the “věneček”, for which the roles will be reversed – children and grandchildren will come see their grandparents dance, rather than the other way around.


Kateřina Klementová (Doležalová)

June 2022 // Vzlet