Ball Dancing Lessons


Intergenerational meeting on the dance floor

Do you like to dance? Have dance classes discouraged you so much that you never want to step on the dance floor any more? We both know it well and our parents’ and grandparents’ generation knows it too.

The creative group of 8people has prepared a staged intergenerational dance evening for you, where you can come on your own or with your grandparents, parents, children or friends. Experience with us an evening filled with dance, live orchestra music and listen to memories from the dance floor.

The staged ball will include several short lessons in which you will learn or refresh basic ballroom dances. In the theatrical parts of the evening, you will see choreographies by seniors and 8people and much more.

“We prepared the Ball together with the seniors, we shared the dance floor and our dance experiences. We were interested in how our relationship to the body, to touch, to dance changes with increasing life experience? Which dance stuck in our memory the most or what can happen on the dance floor,” asks a group 8people.


Kateřina Klementová (Doležalová)

June 2022 // Vzlet